@5:34 Why do the lights look like they are brand new? Is someone still changing out products in the houses, even tho they are abandoned? The private developers where i live, they just leave the houses, roades unattended & open when they are not working so anyone could come along to the job site, and load up product setting out and unattended! IT seems similar to a business on The Profit yesterday, in Waycross Georgia, where there was a divorced couple who had some business! The wife lived in Florida, the husband moved to Georgia or was planning to move to Georgia to over see the business! They never did account for, creating an inventory, the assets when they came in! When Marcus told them, that a huge portion of their inventory was missing, the husband was calm, but the wife took offense to him saying that and resistant to putting an inventory in place! Marcus didn't say it but I suspect embezzeling and skimming off the inventory, by not keeping an inventory! I had a boss in Kansas, who told me that they took suprise inventory on the guest lodging from time to time! There was a FIXED ASSET number on everything, and we would write those numbers down on a spread sheet for guest loding! Even the soldiers did INVENTORY on the equipment! My oldest sone was in the military, then he got out, he became a mechanic for a truck stop working on big trucks and was required to buy his own tools! He said it cost $2500 to buy his own tools, they called that an investment, but he said his tools would end up missing so he would have to replace the tools himself! IN this current environment with small independent business, it is not likely that tools and gas will be eligible for writing off taxes unless a person spends more than $12,000! This model seems like stimulating the eCONomy with young mechanics replacing their own tools, when someone gets sticky fingers! How come the business doesn't pay for tools for employees? Or are they not employees and 1099 workers?

Problems/Issues In The Business Found By Marcus

  • Worsening business relationship between Tom and Nancy.
  • Small manufacturing plant.
  • Not enough number of workers.
  • 2 separate facilities that are miles apart.
  • Costly deliveries.
  • No inventory and checkout list.
  • No cost analysis and quality control.


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