IMPURE THOUGHTS Come Out of Her My People

I hated reading the bible and stopped going to church 40 years ago! I have done my 40 years in the wilderness! BUT isn't life the church a wilderness so I have done it my whole life? We had no discussion on the meaning of the bible versus in church! IF we asked my parents a question about the bible, with what something meant, they completely dismissed the question and would not have any dialogue! The church(heirarchy) put out what they wanted us to learn, they knew everything and there was no discussion at home about other than someone telling THE CHURCH want to think! My parents even tried devotions on Sunday, after we had been to church already! So we were playing outside, and my parents decide to have devotions and would call us in the house! It was so fucking boring! I think it lasted about 2 sundays! We were reading words, no discussion! My dad often wanted to go FISHING but my mother had issues about feeling like she had to go to church! My dad would often skip church to to hunting and fishing! He didn't seem to feel guilty at all about missing church! Sometimes my parents would lecture, primarily my dad! My mother was the HOVER parent, who yelled all the time and my dad would lecture for 30 minutes! I remember it as yelling! He was saying the only reason we are doing this is for your own good! You are supposed to grow up as a nice young lady! I never did learn anything from it! Probably because I was to young to comprehend what he was talking about!

I thought you are an AMERICAN, even a NATIVE AMERICAN? I have to wonder, some of the division is the labeling system in this country! As tho we have some pedigree! I am an SEO "search engine optimization" trends enthusiast and I see why labels are used, if someone in media has a knowlege of digital data collection back in the 1970s, in advance of the Internet being rolled out! My history of NATIVE INDIAN has been completely erased, and hidden from me! We truly were taught NATIVE INDIANS were "THEM" and we were different, even tho I am pretty sure my NATIVE INDIAN heritage is much higher and much more recent than the current existing data says! I believe my grandparents knew more than what they told! My grandpa went to a residential style parochial school for boys, in the earlly 1920s then joined the CORPS building things in America! My grandpa was told he was German and his parents were 100% German who didn't speak Engilish! My grandpa spoke some German, yet my German heritage is much further away than the data suggests on my heritage ancestry! My understanding is the Native Indians were sent to boarding residential faith based schools, then heritiage reassigned and they(the kids) were to go home and tell everyone their parents what their history is! My grandma admitted my grandpa had a HALF BROTHER who had a NATIVE INDIAN BROTHER! She said they had different mothers! BUT grandma stopped, didn't elaborate about men who have multiple mothers of babies, because in the 1970s, it was taboo, divorce was taboo, because the church was pushing marriage and til death us do part! My Grandpa was born in 1911, so that would mean, men were not monogamous nor did they honor their christian vows in the early 1900s for my grandpa to have a half brother of another mother! Early 1900s was in line with heritage reassignment in faith based institutions as well! Which is why LIGHT SKIN and WHITE FOLKS have no idea what our heritage is!

I knew back in the 1970s that TV was not symbolic of my family! All the little girls had blonde hair on the popular shows! Little house on the Prarie was one of the few show that had a little girl! Then the show Family with BUDDY, Kristie McNichol! My parents foughts like cats and dogs yelling and screaming at each other! My mother said she could not wait for us kids to grow up and then she could get divorced and live on her own! However, there would not have been enough jobs for everyone to be paid! Light colored women were not treated equal! The skin color didn't matter, most women were not paid or treated equal, unless they could break in to a male dominated work force! When that happened, the women end up sexually abused by the men! Service Industry hospitality jobs, like food service and clothing service didn't have benefits! When I got divorced after 16 years being married to a soldier, I went back to Iowa, and the jobs still didn't pay benefits in 2001! I never found a job, that payd more than $8 an hour! I went to ask for an application, in an EYEGLASS store in Walmart! The man asks me, ARE YOU MARRIED? I said NO! HE says, WE ARE NOT HIRING RIGHT NOW! The same thing was still going on, where single women didnt get benefits!

I had impure thoughts about my neighbors husbands and could not keep that commandment! The US Military were the most fun neighbors I ever had and still have! I still have impure thoughts and PUBLIC AFFAIRS!

I see BORN AGAIN as a SEPARATION of BODY & SPIRIT! Women experience BORN AGAIN each time SHE BIRTHS a BABY so that BORN AGAIN separations happens to women and is a CLOSE experience that most women understand! Each time I had a baby, I felt like I was in 2 places at the same time! I truly was in 2 places, that is how close women are to child birth, with a BORN AGAIN in creating a HUMAN BEING! I had a baby born as a premie early, and the baby was taken away! I felt like part of me was missing! He was fine! My next baby died! You carry that separation with you for a very long time! It is a separation of BODY SPIRIT, from ONE HUMAN BEING to another human being!

@3:48 Jesus represented the least of society & the most of society as Equality! That is what I learned and absorped as a child! So just maybe, the story of Jesus, was about donating 10% to church? Well, what is the service you get in return for donating earning to church? Seems similar to current corporate fund raising, what service do you get in return, and why do charitable contributions cover SOME PEOPLE, and not others? Why do charitable organizations decide who gets a charitable gift and others dont get a charitable gift!? How is that equality for everyone?

@7:22 Don't you start to feel a bit like Linda Blair in the Exorcist, with your head spinning around, based on the leadership in this country! I love holidays that embrace everyone! Just maybe, CHRISTMAS has 10000 different meanings? I love NEW YEARS, was always one of my FAVORITE holidays! I saw Christmas as a religious holiday and New Years as an EVERYONE holiday! Even thanksgiving was a FOOD holiday, I never saw it as religious, even tho church asked people to go to church and donate money! Living far away from my family, I don't get to celebrate much with my kids or parents! They are probably used to it, because being a military family, we always lived far away! There is a build up and an excitement, that lasts for a long time in to adulthood! IT is based on a DAY and a FEELING! That is the SPIRITUAL or PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE we are experiencing is being addicted to a FEELING in our BRAIN that elicits some response, we became addicted to over DAYS, SHOPPING & expectations on who we are to spend time with!

@10:14 So time has been changed, and we have leap years, so with an extra day added, February 29th, doesn't that mean that what a person views as the 7th day is no longer the 7th day, with the extra day in February, then the 7th day is no longer the 7th day! So every 4 years, we have to add an extra day, to keep up with the extra day light of the earth & time, which is not accurate!


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