Once A Narcissist Picks Up On Your Vulnerabilities

How to discover a man that is discriminating you in your life, to exclude you from property you contributed to!  That is why we have SWEAT EQUITY!  YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS are CONTRIBUTIONS! 

 My narcissist husband told me about his first wife, who is the one, to this day, seems to be the one he really wants to be with 40+ years later! He had his first wife sign a quit claim deed on their marital home, similar to what he has done to me, when I paid both monetarily and sweat equity doing work in the home, just like his first wife and mother of his daughter! He told me that as long as I am married to him, he has the house in a trust and I will get the house, when he dies! His first wife had a baby with a lawyer, and he went back to Iowa to be with her, knowing he didn't know if he was the daddy or not! They were in a house, he was paying rent! He asked his wife/gf for the loan information and she could not produce it! He says her lawyer lover owned the property, and stopped paying once he moved in with her! He didn't want to pay someone elses rent! Here is where it gets questionalbe because he tells two different versions! He said she got the paper work and sold the house or something! But he did not want to pay rent for someone elses property! But he says he is not paying for something that someone else owns & he wants his name on it only and not his wife/spouse/companion! They later had twin boys! He said he had an agreement with his first wife, that if things didn't work out that she was to leave the boys with him, because they were "minority" and he had to raise them to be fit in this world that discriminates minority children! Now 30+ years later, he trashes his first wife, saying that she abandoned the boys and he leaves out the part that they had an agreement that he raises the boy! HE did share both versions of his story with me! One of his sons wanted to live with his mother, the one being yelled at that had seizures, he asked to live with his mother and his dad said NO! Later, they both lived with their mother to help her, because she could not make it alone! She ended up getting married to a decrepit old grouch, similar to her first husband! But with heightened media, he is anti "THE W MAN" & "THE Wh**E MAN" is the cause of all the problems in his life! I asked him if his first wife would have been able to take care of 3 kids alone, as a single mother in the 1970s, and all he says is that She had the best of everything, if she would have just stayed home, raised their children, because he had a good paying job, and all she had to do was raise the kids! He took care of everything else! BUT he has anger & rage issues! He said his first wifes parents encouraged her to take him to court for half the house he had, then she ended up with a judgement to pay child support, and signing a quit claim deed to be excluded from the house! She lived with him a long time, but he says she was not there! HE said she was gone all the time! He talked bad about the mother of his daughter, portrayed her to be the crazy one, but I see my husband as the crazy one with a lot of bi-polar and mental issues with control issues! He claims the mother of his daughter, who he was not married to but they were in a cohabitation companionship, he claims she purposely got pregnant as a means to trap him, because she wanted him to care about her as much as he cared about his first wife! He said she watched how much they were together, and he said he would tell her to leave on the weekends, so they could spend time together, with their kids! He told me that she thought if she got pregnant, then he would care about her, because she knew how much he cared about his kids and he wanted to be around his kids, and raise his kids! Once his first wife left, he needed a baby sitter to care for his twin "minority sons"! His first wife left, but he kept having sex with her & other women! He saw a woman across the street at the park, he told me he thought was a prostitute, and part of one of his friends women he was pimping out! It turned out she was on a lunch break at the park, and he started talking to her! She has an abusive ex husband in a 2nd marriage she was trying to get out of along with a young son, probably around the same age as my son maybe 10! She was renting/buying a place across town, and he invited her to live with him! She worked at a job, an animal vaccination company, the same place my mother worked, which was one of the few places that paid decent wages! My mom went to work for the same company, when my dad lost his lumber yard business! Narcissist said it worked out because she needed a place to stay and he needed someone to watch his boys while he was working graveyard! Narcissist says one time she was renting and another time she was buying a house! So he basically had a woman move in to his house, he was having sex with her, she was caring for and loving his children as a nurturing mother, and he excluded her, when she tried to claim half and went to court for the brokerage account! I would side with his ex, because he brought her in the house, to watch his kids and she was doing workin the home! HE marginalizes her, because she had another job, outside of the house and he says she didn't need money, that she had her own! How come he could not care for his kids by himself!? He left them alone when he didn't have a baby sitter, they were around 5 or so! Then he had a friend of his move in who was doing drugs around his kids! Narcissist son told him in front of me, he said if someone wants to love me and buy me presents, loving me unconditionally, I don't see them as a bad person! Narcissist completely glazed over what his son said to him, while he is trashing the woman who raised his sons! He didn't pay her social security record for work she was doing for him! Narcissist just says she needed a play to live, and she would have had to be paying rent or buying a house somewhere, which is the same thing he tells me! He gets really pissed when I ask him if there are enough jobs for everyone! He just shouts, YOU HAVE TO BE THE BEST TO GET TO THE TOP! Narcissist tells me, that all the women he knew, got a job, once their kids were in school! I tell him, the work I was doing at home is a job, and women are not paid equally! He gets really pissed off and says the work in the home is not work! He says that if someone has no kids, they need to leave the house to go to work! Mother of narcissist daughter left for a few years, then came back and he did the same thing even worse! He had me type of a letter, to send to his daughter, telling her that he didn't love her mother! I asked him, are you sure you want to send this to her, and he said yes! He put a stamp on it and sent it! He did something similar to the woman(2003-2005) he was "porking" at work, because he felt that she had something to do with him getting fired! He had me write up a letter, saying that he was having intimate relations with another supervisor, and he felt he was targeted by a lab tech, when he caught him watching movies at night, at work! He said no other manager had ever come at night, to see what they were doing! He said he felt this lab tech, learned from the woman he was porking at work, that he was watching movies! So then he got mad at her! He was always talking to her on the phone! I had the idea that quite possibly, they were in a relationship and he became obsessive with her, like he was with his first wife! He was mad that she didn't want to have relations with him anymore and she was trying to end the relationship and he would not let it go! HE becomes very possessive about what he thinks is his, including people! My dad enabled my husband to marginalize me, 5 years ago, when I picked up my video camera to record how I was feeling and I was crying a lot! He contacts him on Facebook, and tells my husband that mental illness runs in the family, and that I need treatment! So my own dad, sabatoges me, marginalizes me as a woman, using MENTAL ILLNESS! I was feeling like crap and not sleeping! I was stressed because I was losing money! I got up in the middle of the night and was making videos, the way way I was making crochet videos that helped pay for the house! I started learning different things and watned to try different niches! With the crochet, narcissist was working, I would get up, write my idea, then go back to bed! He may or may not be here and he didn't care what I was doing because he was sleepy and sleeping! His job was more important, whether it be a brick and mortar or the stock market which he calls a job! Well, when I decided to change and talk about other things, then he wanted to control everything! One night I got up, and he is yelling at me, I am crying, it was a video called, apology to my parents! So my husband is yelling at me to go back to bed! He actually made things much worse than they needed to be! I was talking on camera, and then he came and wated to control what I was doing! I uploaded that video to youtube, then deleted the video! He was even telling me that I was destroying my youtube channel, just like my dad was saying I was destroying my youtube channel! Neither of them would listen, that the revenue was dropping, long before 5 years ago!


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