How Should I Price my Crochet?

This is flexible depending on the pattern style and additional embellishments.

  • Granny Squares Set of 4 - $15-$30
  • Plain Hats - $15-$25
  • Novelty Hats - $25-$50
  • Baby Afghan - $35-$150+
  • Adult Afghan - $75-$500+


  1. Oh, such a difficult subject, and the ranges of your prices rightly reflect this.
    The yarn prices and the laboriousness of the stitch, the finish, can make the price fluctuate so much. OK, granny squares and hats and baby afghans don't have big variations in sizes, but for instance, if a granny square is made with changes of colour on every row or is plain coloured can mean a difference in time. Where I live, acrylic yarn costs 1 euro per 50 g ball, whereas 100% merino superwash, or luxury yarns with metallic thread etc... cost 5 euros or more per ball.
    I made a blanket last year for a member of my family who was to go to college, with this Katia merino superwash, the softest, most wonderful yarn to work with. It was smallish hexagons with colour change on every row plus a 5-row border, and a generous size, being a blanket and not an afghan. I listened to all the Harry Potter audiobooks (24 hours), a couple of other audiobooks worth about 6 hours I think and maybe another 10 hours if you count all the work done outside the house, when on visits, doctors' waiting rooms, bank, post office etc... I think 45 hours is a fair estimate, and I'm a lightning quick crocheter. And I'm not counting at all the little extras such as deciding the colour scheme and border, the inventing of a half hexagon to even out the short borders, the trips to the yarn shop etc...
    So, thinking of the price of the yarn plus the time it took, I was often thinking that were I to sell it, who would pay the price that it was reasonably worth, even if I only paid myself 3-3,5 euros per hour, which is minimum wage for unspecialized labour where I live? (except for cleaning ladies, who often charge 8 or 9 per hour, but they are a priviledged group everywhere, I understand).
    My conclusion, from this and many other instances, is that handmade items are mostly underpriced, and the reason for this is on one hand the habit of seeing low prices for the mass-produced machine made items, and on the other, the exceedingly cheap stuff that comes from countries like China or India, where the crafters are paid shockingly little.

    1. Good question, irmar. I was wondering the same thing. Only a little differently, being in the States. Considering the cost of living today (economy-wise etc.), shouldn't we consider labor, cost of supplies, then the amount it takes to make the project(s), lengths (depending on project), and other aspects etc., etc.? I understand the items to be priced as a whole, does the above charges include the aforementioned on a scale of these things mentioned directly, or just a guesstimate? Thank you.

    2. J.P. unfortunately there are always people who are willing to undercut someone else and go in the hole selling their crochet. That doesn't last very long because the are undercutting their future salary. It has already become impossible to sell anything and get a reasonable price for it. What I don't understand is a painter can slather on blobs of paint on a canvas and sell it for $1000. It may have taken them 30 minutes to slather on the blobs of paint. We crochet something that will take 40 hours or more such as a lace doily or crochet afghan and asking $50 or more is to much. for most people.

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  5. I was going to ask this very same question, but my crocheting is different than just making afghans or blankets. I crochet baby items, and I am currently trying to get orders for custom crocheting of baby items. I have put on my ad that price is neogotiable , and it would depend on how much detail work would be involved. Because when I crochet something I just don't crochet the pattern. I also hand sew lace, or pearls, or beads, and with beads or pearls I sew in between each and every bead to insure that stability of the beads or pearls so if the baby would put things in their mouth and somehow a bead would come loose the baby could not get a bead in their mouth and choke. So in the long term of all this, how should I price what I sell, I make christening gowns which take a lot of bling and lace. All my work is done by hand, I do not use a machine of any kind to ensure the tightness of the stitches, the reason I prefer to do baby products is because it does not take as long to do. .

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