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Equality in Crochet Designing - Guerrilla Granny Bullying

I have been told numerous times that I didn't make or create what I made and someone else did. Even though they are hiding behind an alias so I have no idea who they are.  I did create what I made as my interpretation of crochet.  I thought about it and decided, let say that statement is true.

If everyone looked at all this designing as our ancestors, who are all dead by now, created the designs; then we are free to do what we want to do. It has already been done. Every living crocheter is copying what our deceased ancestors have already done.  It seems like we would be on equal ground.

No one owns any of the crochet designs, shapes, ideas, techniques, sets of stitches, crochet stitches or library of stitches.  Designing is an interpretation.   You only own your interpretation and body of work. Anything more would be like saying you own air.

It is not moral or ethical for anyone to suppress creativity and deploy Guerrilla Granny Bullying to push an agenda that benefits them.  We are…