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Conservative Censorship aka Censorshit - Conservatives Censoring Conservatives First Amendment

Maybe we need to do surveys on how many people just say they are christian, because people have been shamed in to silence by conservative chrisitians, forcing crap brain washing on everyone!? You don't have to be any religion! You can just be in existence! From my own experience, being a military wife/mother/support to military veterans, I just went along with the program, when the surveys would ask what religion or faith I am, because we were shamed in to silence, & made to feel like something was wrong with us if we didn't go to church!

If we examine the history of women in churches, sewing, cooking, cleaning, handmaking crochet & knitting, handmaidens of indentured servitude which violates the 13th amendment = SLAVERY!

Forcing this ideaology is that of a NARCISSIST CONTROLING POPULATION which comes out of faith based religion! When elderly people wont have conversations with their kids, that is forcing a way of life, to silence the kids from different points …