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Touching Yarn before Purchasing

Are you like me and like to touch your yarn before you purchase it?  I know I do.  When I see yarn online and it's a little more pricier, I may be reserved in following through with a purchase, especially if I need to box it up and send it back.  Sometimes the pictures may not be accurate
and the yarn colors are different upon arrival.

I would like to see a yarn sample section in stores where we could touch the yarn not available in the store.  This way when we go home to purchase online, we have a good idea what we are purchasing.  When you go into a home improvement store, they have fabric samples so you can feel what you are getting before you purchase draperies.  Same with carpet.  With yarn online, we are guessing at how it feels.

Offer a discount to the customer and referral to the store with the online purchase.   Instead of Internet and Brick/Mortar completing, they could work together to enhance our selections.

Maybe it already exists in some larger communities.

Tell me …