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Crochet Trinity Stitch MOBILE DIGITAL POST

Trinity Stitch Video Tutorial: Trinity Stitch Crochet
The multiple is 2 + 1.
You put your hook through the next chain and pull up a loop, leave the loop on your hook and repeat the same steps two more times. You will have 4 loops on your hook. Wrap the yarn over your hook and pull through all 4 loops. Chain 1 to secure. Chain 1 again. Each stitch will share a chain loop with the previous stitch.

Sunday September 15, 2019:  So I decided to update this blog post!  I went back to blogger, to eliminate the personal use of a website, which the branding didn't work!  Branding was being taught to us in college, in 2001 under multimedia marketing!  I even noticed that my ENGLISH course, was a course in taking a personal experience then sanitizing the experience, which is removing who it happened to, & using a FAKE NAME!  However, the college teachers failed to connecting all the pieces together!  Go figure, going to college for marketing, then expecting the teacher actually will teach …