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Camera Set Up on Crochet Geek

The image shows how I record crochet tutorials.  I have always used a tripod, however the one without a handle works the best.  When you are working so close to the tripod, it will pick up any sound if you brush up against it with the slightest movement.  
I was always hitting the handle hard, which would cause the camera to move. Even my hair brushing up on the handle would cause a strange echo noise.  Some vibrations are going to happen so I have come to terms with minor noises along with airplanes flying over, dogs barking, kids playing, cars driving by and construction.  Those sounds are a part of life and a part of where I live so my videos will have every day noises in the background.  Early on YouTube, I tried using music because the videos felt like something was missing. I quickly learned about ownership rights.  Every day noises have filled in, where music was not permitted.

Just a few weeks ago, two different music entities placed claims on my two different crochet videos th…