Me and my Puppy Spud in Florida

This is a recent trip to Fort Pierce Florida.  We took our new little puppy Spud.  He travels pretty well now.  However our first experience taking him across town was not so pretty and he ended up car sick.    We found using a cage keeps him feeling secure and happy.    There are motels who do permit pets.  We stayed at the La Quinta in Fort Pierce for the two trips we took.   The experience was good both times.  Now when we got home, my husband realized he forgot his pants, shirt and belt in the closet.  We called and asked them how we get his clothing back.  They recommended we go to the post office, get a box with a prepaid shipping label and mail it to them in a mailer.  When I talked to the post office, they told me the box would need to be weighed with shipping being based on weight so the motel would need to pay the costs.   He ended up asking his cousin to pick up his clothes.  Times sure have changed.  Back when my daughter was a baby, we forgot some clothes in a drawer and…

Andrew's Keepsake - Crochet Tunisian

Andrew's Keepsake

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:Andrew's Keepsake Crochet Scarf

Video Tutorial:Andrew's Keepsake Crochet Scarf  Left Hand Version

Skill Level - Intermediate

DC - Double Crochet
CH - Chain
SL ST - Slip Stitch

Size I/5.5 mm crochet hook
Long Crochet Hook - I-5.5mm
Caron 4 ply yarn
Clover Gold Eye Tapestry Needle

Multiple: 6+1 - This means you will add 6 extra chains for each extra shell, to make your work wider.

Size of scarf  - 50 inches long, 6 inches wide

Afghan Stitch - There are two passes to complete a row of the afghan stitch.

Work a chain of 25.
If you are using more than 25 loops, you will want to use the longer crochet hook.
Row 1:
Pass 1: Put your hook through the chain, wrap the yarn over and pull through, *Put your hook through the next chain, wrap the yarn over and pull through, continue across from leaving all loops on your hook * until you have 25 loops on your hook.
Pass 2: On the edge only, you will wrap the yarn…

Crochet Tunisian Butterfly

I recently did a tutorial for a crochet butterfly with the Tunisian Stitch and used Lion Brand Bon Bon Yarn.  I have to admit, it was a fun project that worked up quick and easy.  Give me some ideas and challenge me to makes something else out of the Bon Bon Yarn.

Make 1 large square and 1 small square
Large Square - Chain 15, 14 Stitches - 6 Rows
Small Square - Chain 13, 12 Stitches - 5 Rows

Skill Level - Intermediate

Size E/3.25 mm crochet hook
Lion Brand Bon Bon Yarn
Tapestry Needle

Row 1:
Pass 1: Put your hook through the chain, wrap the yarn over and pull through, work an extra chain *Put your hook through the next chain, wrap the yarn over and pull through,work an extra chain, continue across leaving all loops on your hook * until you have 14 loops on your hook.
Pass 2: On the edge only, you will wrap the yarn over, pull through one loop, The remaining stitches will be wrap the yarn over, pull through two, Wrap the yarn over pull through two until you work all the loops of you…

Crochet Shell Slouch Hat Crochet Geek

With this crochet hat, I worked extra increase rounds for a slouch style cap.  Please comment and share pictures with me of you in your crochet hat.  Thanks, Teresa

Written by Teresa Richardson
Hook- Size G Crochet Hook
Yarn- Red Heart 4-ply worsted weight
Size Estimate - 22 inches around

SH = Shell
DC = Double Crochet
CH = Chain
MC = Magic Circle

I am providing two starts for the cap. You can pick which one you want to use.
Start 1: Magic Circle for starting loop.
Start 2: Chain 7, join

Round 1: CH 1, *SC in starting loop. SH of 5 DC in loop, complete 4 times from *, join in beginning SC. (4 Shells)

This next round is preparing for the shell increases. It takes two rounds to complete an increase for shells.
Round 2: SL ST to 3rd DC, CH 1, *SC in same ST, (this will be an increase shell)SH- 3DC, CH 1, 3 DC. SC in 3rd DC, complete 4 times from *, join in beg SC. (This is the first part of the shell increase, you will have 4 shells with 3DC,CH 1, 3 DC in each shell. There will be 4…

Learn How to make the Double Crochet

How many years have you been crocheting?  Please leave questions and comments.

Learn how to make the double crochet with crochet geek.

To work the double crochet, wrap the yarn over your hook, insert your hook below the two loops at the top of the stitch, wrap the yarn over your hook, pull through two loops, wrap the yarn over your hook pull through two loops to complete the double crochet.

Right Hand Double Crochet

Left Hand Double Crochet

How to make Cheerful Crochet Flower

How to make Cheerful Crochet Flower 
How do you like to use your crochet flowers? Share your pictures and video with me.

Cheerful Crochet Flower

Written by Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial: Cheerful Crochet Flower
Video Tutorial:Cheerful Crochet Flower Left Hand

Skill Level: Intermediate

Size G/4.0mm Hook
4 Ply Yarn
Red Heart Classic Yarn #249 Orange 190 yd. 
Red Heart Super Saver yarn SPRING GREEN.

SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
SL ST - Slip Stitch
CH - Chain

Extended Single Crochet - This is working a loose and taller single crochet so everything is not all squashed together.

Loop Behind Stitch - If you look at the top of a stitch, you will see a "V" shape. Right behind each stitch is another loop on the back side. This is what is meant by "Loop Behind Stitch" or "Loop in Back of Stitch". By working in the back of the stitch, the top "V" portion of the stitch is pushed to the front to create a unique effect. This is the …

Crochet Geek Lace FunTimes on Carnival Cruise

How many of you are working on crochet lace?

My son asked me to make a lace tablecloth for him about 40 inches across.  I have been working on it for about 3-4 months.  The cruise was a good time to work each motif piece of lace.  I have about 12 more to make before its complete.  Maybe I should have taken another 8 day cruise to complete the tablecloth.  We left April 17 out of Port Canaveral on the Carnival Valor and came back on April 25, 2015.  This was a good vacation and very relaxing.