What are the SEO techniques for YouTube channels and videos?

Google Trends is where you can find the top trending topics about current events! However, since YouTube is story telling mixed with reality! You don’t have to talk specifically about a celebrity or the FAKE NEWS to utiize the same trending words! In other words, MAKE SOME SHIT UP and tell stories like the FAKE NEWS!

Google Trends
Another trick is to type a letter of the Alphabet in to the YouTube search! You will get the TOP 10 populate! When you add a second character of the alphabet, you will get a different set of top 10 words! Do you see a common denominator here, where corporate media has favored itself?

You can do the same thing to get a TOP 10 on Google! Each search engine is going to be different!

Bing only gives you a Top 8! Maybe they are trying to be a little different and original?

With DuckDuckGo you have to Scroll to see the top 10! Very odd the whole thing doesn’t populate! DuckDuckGo does seem to sponsor celebrities and stores! Quite possibly they have not…

La Toya Jackson exposing who runs The Estate of Michael Jackson-The View

Is the conspiracy, that the controlling music company hired a body double, when Michael became
disenfranchised with a media company controlling his voice and his intellectual property!?  Most young
kids and even his dad is not going to know and understand the details of a contract a parent has been doing with music companies, basically signing away the rights to their self!

So the ENTERTAINER MICHAEL JACKSON was killed off, but the REAL MICHAEL JACKSON is still alive!  I can see how this could happen!  Isn't that why everyone hated the tabloid magazines!?  Which pretty much kept the POT stirred up all the time! 

Currently in the case of IMPEACHMENT - which means to assess charges against a sitting president! Call in to question, Misconduct, Integrety, Validity of something!

So basically we have a MEDIA monopoly! Who is profiting off of politics where the two party system is funded by both sides of the snake?  For corporate media entertainment! 

Can YouTube Change the Community Tab to POST ACTIVITY TAB for ACTIVITY EVENTS!

ACTIVITY is a popular WORD and POST is a popular word!   So POST ACTIVITY sounds like something
the UNITED STATE MARINES and AIR FORCE would enjoy while changing POSTS at the TOMB of the UNKNOWN SOLDIER!  I no longer have my videos of when I visited Washington DC, because of censorship and being banned on social media sites!  The police having my computer equipment 19 months!  So I can't do my job under the FIRST AMENDMENT!  BUT I do remember, lots of people watching the changing of the guard, at the tomb of the unknown soldier!  It was a cloudy day, Active Duty Service were walking back and forth guarding the dead! (Note/thought to self:  DO dead people really need a guard and gated community of community policing.  The troops are community policing the dead!) They were tapping their heels together with shiny shoes, and clicking their arms as they walked! They had on white cotton gloves, which hopefully won't shrink in the rain! If it doesn't fit, you must aquit! RIGHT? R…

What is the Context of Impeachment in the case of #45?

Digital Mobile Posts 367K subscribers

What is Social Media on the Internet & Why do people get so upset over COMMUNICATIONS & PACKAGES?

Why are people getting so upset over SOCIAL MEDIA?  When its something we have done our whole life?

1. Content Delivery YouTube Video Content ID Packages
2. Content Delivery  Amazon Prime Auto Packages 3. Content Delivery USPS United States Post Office Packages 4. Content Delivery Email Packages  5. Content Delivery UPS United Parcel Service Packages 6. Content Delivery CARGO SHIP Packages  7. Content Delivery CAR Packages 8. Content Delivery TRUCK Packages 9. Content Delivery Airplane Packages  10. Content Delivery TRAIN Packages 11. Content Delivery Santa Claus Packages
Packers Soldier Field

999 666 targeted individuals GANG stalking cyber STALKING PSYCHO TRONIC ...

This guy describes the basics of advertising & marketing with artificial intelligence!  Gang Stalking is a very good comparison to advertising and artificial intelligence! 

Microsoft Owns Linked-In should they Break UP in the Big Tech Break Up?

How many people know Microsoft own Linkedin?  Should Microsoft break up with Linkedin?   I was also thinking about Microsoft being a part of Playstation! The Microsoft Network!