Daddy love you so much

Daddy loves you so much

IMPURE THOUGHTS Come Out of Her My People

I hated reading the bible and stopped going to church 40 years ago! I have done my 40 years in the wilderness! BUT isn't life the church a wilderness so I have done it my whole life? We had no discussion on the meaning of the bible versus in church! IF we asked my parents a question about the bible, with what something meant, they completely dismissed the question and would not have any dialogue! The church(heirarchy) put out what they wanted us to learn, they knew everything and there was no discussion at home about other than someone telling THE CHURCH want to think! My parents even tried devotions on Sunday, after we had been to church already! So we were playing outside, and my parents decide to have devotions and would call us in the house! It was so fucking boring! I think it lasted about 2 sundays! We were reading words, no discussion! My dad often wanted to go FISHING but my mother had issues about feeling like she had to go to church! My dad would often skip chur…


@5:34 Why do the lights look like they are brand new? Is someone still changing out products in the houses, even tho they are abandoned? The private developers where i live, they just leave the houses, roades unattended & open when they are not working so anyone could come along to the job site, and load up product setting out and unattended! IT seems similar to a business on The Profit yesterday, in Waycross Georgia, where there was a divorced couple who had some business! The wife lived in Florida, the husband moved to Georgia or was planning to move to Georgia to over see the business! They never did account for, creating an inventory, the assets when they came in! When Marcus told them, that a huge portion of their inventory was missing, the husband was calm, but the wife took offense to him saying that and resistant to putting an inventory in place! Marcus didn't say it but I suspect embezzeling and skimming off the inventory, by not keeping an inventory! I had a…

Whine Cave Wine Cave Adult Child Poetry

Whine Cave Wine Cave

I saw you with your diaper,
Full as it can be!
I saw you with your pacie,
Like a Dolphin in the C!

Your slobber droolin down UR Face,
Shiny as a penny,
Then looked down & on the ground,
A wad of fresh packed Beni!

UR Hair is flowing wavy,
Like the wind & in a breeze,
Diaper full of gravy,
Dripping on the shopping car seat, like runny stinky cheeze!


Who decides what the answer is and maybe there are MANY, SEVERAL GOOD answers, NOT JUST ONE ONLYE?   MORE THAN ONE GOOD ANSWER/AntsHer/AnsHer! 

At what point do YOU PEOPLE factor in CENSORSHIP and SELF CENSORSHIP, related to the FIRST AMENDMENT & 1001 GOOD ANSWERS?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
How in the hell could artificial intelligence understand context, when humans lack the ability to understand context?  While some thoughts might be nudged within a humans memory, that still doesn't mean humans will ever be able to read minds and understand someone elses context!  Hindsight does surface bad societal practices! BUT that is DATA COLLECTION on HUMANITY, bubbling up bad practices, not mind reading!  That data can be used in the future if the same BAD PRACTICES start to bubble up again in the future, with humans and artificial intelligence data collection!  We have always had data collection!  Artifical intelligence can surface bad practices to humans much faster, and that is not a bad …

City of Atlanta Obstructing Discriminating NEW MEDIA Residents in State of Georgia

I'm not sure how the state of Georgia can implement something thru the STATE, yet it discriminates and excludes most residents in the state of Georgia! 


I was wondering how Artificial Intelligence would know the different between a GOOGLE ESCALATION to an INSIDER PRIVATE FORUM, a CEO ESCALATION & a FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE escalation with tensions, in foreign regions around the world?  IF a PRESIDENT has an ESCALATION with another FOREIGN PRESIDENT, then how would ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE know and understand that it is a CEO ESCALATION in tensions, since our PRESIDENT is or was a CEO of a company, & PRESIDENT is now a CEO of the USA,  or an ESCALATOR RISING in LAS VEGAS above the VEGAS STRIP? An Escalator/Escalation is something RISING like INCLINE!  Just another word for the same thing, same meaning!  DE-ESCALATION is moving it down in the HEIRARCHY, quite possibly not needing as much attention!  So an airplane will DECLINE in a DESCENDING, DE-ESCALATION downward!  Even at one time, AOL had UNSEND MAIL, which Artificial Intelligence might view as DESCENDING MAIL or DESENDING MAIL, which sound the same as a DESCENDING/DESENDING/DEC…